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The Challenge: When VPR listeners contribute a total of $300,000 in June, 17 community members will donate $100,000 to meet our fundraising goal. Every gift counts!

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VPR is a non-profit and funded in large part by listeners just like you. More than half of our revenue comes from more than 27,000 individuals making donations in all amounts. Join these listeners if you believe that independent media is vitally important to you and our community. Donate today. It's easy, and it feels good!


70% of VPR’s funding goes directly to programming. We pay national producers such as NPR and American Public Media for the rights to broadcast programs like Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Marketplace, and This American Life. Your support provides our local reporters, producers, and hosts with the resources and equipment they need to report the news, provide context, tell stories, and curate the music. And, as a statewide service in a geographically diverse state, our 30 broadcast sites, website, mobile app and audio streams ensure the news and music can reach you no matter where you are.



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